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  • Business Card Business

    Business cards business is the process of designing, printing and selling business cards.

    This business serves medium and big-size companies which have hundreds of


    Another type of clients is high-skilled professionals such as real estate agents, financial advisors, stock market brokers who promote their services with business cars. Typically, they order big quantities of business cards and handing them out to their existing and future customers.

    Business Model

    Custom standard business cards designing, printing and selling;

    Creating and selling business cards templates;

    Running a business card free and paid templates online serviceж

    Supply of business card materials business.

    Tools & Equipment

    For printing business cards you will have to purchase both hardware and software and hire a designer. A powerful computer with a big screen monitor, Adobe Photoshop, and a professional laser printing or even a risograph - this is what you will need to start your own small printing company and offer services like business cards designing and printing.

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