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  • Disco Equipment Business

    Disco equipment business is the process of manufacturing or renting out tools needed for DJs and ordinary people who host parties at home.

    You can either manufacture them on your own and sell through music stores, or buy from other manufacturers and rent them out.

    Business Models

    ●     Dj controllers manufacturing business;

    ●     Mixers producing business;

    ●     Turntables producing business;

    ●     DJ headphones manufacturing business;

    ●     DJ sets manufacturing business;

    ●     DJ players producing business;

    ●     DJ Equipment rental business.

    Equipment & Materials

    In order to start a rental business, you will have to choose the right items to rent out. Some of them are quality power amps for musicians and entertainers,, stroboscopic lamps (strobes), dance speaker systems, karaoke microphones, etc.


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