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  • Earthmoving Equipment Business

    Earthmoving equipment business is the process of manufacturing and selling heavy equipment such as heavy trucks, heavy hydraulics, fixed crans, wheeled bulldozers, backhoe loaders, excavators, agricultural tractors, mining trucks, tractors and others.

    It’s quite obvious that this business serves other business (construction companies, mining companies), i.e. this is a B2B business. Sometimes it serves government projects (B2G model).

    Business Model

    ●     Earthmoving equipment;

    ●     Earthmoving equipment - hire;

    ●     Earthmoving equipment - repairs;

    ●     Earthmoving equipment - spares.

    ●     Excavators; excavators for hire;

    ●     Grabs.

    Tools & Equipment

    Since the mining industry (production of gold, chrome, manganese, diamonds, etc) in South Africa was and still is a driving force of the economy, starting an earthmoving equipment hiring company seems to be one of the greatest ways to work in this niche.

    You’ll have to build your own fleet of earthmoving machines and rent them for a profit. This requires either significant initial funding or applying for a business loan. On top of that, a private parking lot for your vehicle(s) will be needed.


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