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  • Expanded Metal Business

    Expanded metal business is the process of manufacturing and wholesaling expanded metal which is stretched to form a specific pattern of a metal mesh-like material.

    This business serves other businesses which produce fences, gates, walkways. It is also used by sculptors (the most popular one in South Africa is Rado Kirov, known for his metal art) and other artists who form three-dimensional surfaces of expanded metal.

    Business Model

    ●     Exhibition organising business;

    ●     Exhibition services business;

    ●     Exhibition stands for hire business;

    ●     Exposition, trade shows & fairs business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To run this business, you will need to buy an automatic expanded metal mesh machine as well other metal working tools. Some of them are press brake, metal lathe, die, anvils, hammers, jigs, sanders, metalworking measuring instruments and others.


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