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  • Fashion Business

    Fashion business is the process of running your own fashion company which keeps up with fashion trends and design market, sells apparel merchandise such as skirts, dresses and other clothing.

    In South Africa, the combined income of fashion companies is estimated to be over 10 billion dollars annually.

    Business Model

    ●     Fashion accessories;

    ●     Fashion agents;

    ●     Fashion consultants;

    ●     Fashion designing schools;

    ●     Fashion show producers;

    ●     Fashionwear designers;

    ●     Patternmaking business;

    ●     Patternmakers.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start your own fashion designing school, you will need to rent office space, hire designers, fashion experts and provide students with both knowledge and tools they need to be able to analyse current and future fashion market trends and, what’s even more important, satisfy consumer needs.

    You’ll need big amounts of shelves, racks, modern clothes. Office furniture, a laptop with a projector will also be needed.


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