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  • Fibreglass Business

    Fibreglass business refers to manufacturing and selling fibre-reinforced plastic which is used in cars, boats, decks, window frames, aeroplanes and even rocket ships.

    This business serves other businesses manufacturing various machines, vehicles, devices.

    Business Model

    ●     Fibreglass manufacturers and distributors;

    ●     Fibreglass moulding manufacturers;

    ●     Fibreglass pattern making and/or repairs;

    ●     Fibreglass products;

    ●     Fibreglass reinforced cement;

    ●     Fibreglass reinforced plastic manufacturers.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start a fibreglass manufacturing company, you will have to establish connections with suppliers of kaolin clay, colemanite, limestone, dolomite or other source material. Producing fibreglass involves buying a fibreglass pultrision machine, hiring operators and providing them with working clothes, safety glass, gloves, etc.


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