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  • Food Facilities / Food Service Consultants

    Food facilities / food service consultants business is the process of working as an advocate for cafes, restaurants and other companies and helping them increase their revenue by improving various aspects such as kitchen and restaurant design, kitchen and restaurant planning, menu planning, restaurant staffing, assistance with purchasing catering equipment, quality control set up and restaurant health and hygiene planning, etc.

    This B2B business serves big and small catering companies.

    Business Model

    ●     Food services consultants business;

    ●     Food processing facilities equipment consulting business;

    ●     Foodservice management company business;

    ●     Foodservice planning service business.

    Tools & Equipment

    In most cases, running a food service consulting agency doesn’t require special equipment, but it does require investing in human resources. You will have to hire a professional designer, marketer, HR-manager (to work with your customer's stuff). Having a small office space is not a requirement, but it highly recommended.


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