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  • Food Manufacturing and Distribution Business

    Food and beverages manufacturing and distribution business is the process of making your own food and selling it to either end-customers or supermarkets. Another option is selling your food or beverages online on your own website, Amazon or eBay.

    This business serves picky eaters who are always happy to try new foods.

    Business Models

    ●     Food manufacturing business;

    ●     Food distribution business;

    ●     Beverages manufacturing business;

    ●     Beverages distribution business.

    ●     Selling food or beverages on Amazon and eBay;

    Equipment & Materials Needed

    In most instances, popular food brands (KFC, Mars, Snickers) were started from a passion (cooking). Thus, you only have to have ingredients and a blender or oven or whatever device you’re using to make your food.

    You can sell your food by starting a small store near your home. The next step is selling wholesale to supermarkets.


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