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  • Food Waste (Recycling) Business

    Food waste (recycling) business is the process of converting waste food into compost, renewable energy, soil food, biopolymers and other substances.

    This business serves the food industry - cafes, restaurants as well as businesses providing catering services for any kinds of events.

    Business Model

    ●     Food and beverage services;

    ●     Food brokers;

    ●     Food canners and packers;

    ●     Food chemicals;

    ●     Food colours;

    ●     Food emulsifiers and stabilisers;

    ●     Food manufacturers and distributors;

    ●     Food facilities consultants;

    ●     Food ingredients;

    ●     Food chemicals;

    ●     Food manufacturers and distributors;

    ●     Food packaging materials;

    ●     Food processing machinery;

    ●     Food processors - infants;

    ●     Food manufacturers and distributors;

    ●     Food waste disposal;

    ●     Food waste recycling;

    ●     Frozen foods;

    ●     Delicatessens;

    ●     Takeaway foods;

    ●     Food comfort products.

    Tools & Equipment

    Running a food waste recycling business requires buying three different types of equipment for separation, collection and recycling. This refers to food processing machinery, food waste depacking equipment, semi-automatic and fully-automatic food waste composting machine and others.


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