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  • Franchise Business

    Franchise business refers to selling or buying franchises (or supplying with products and services) which refer to licensing of trademarks, techniques, inventions and other features of doing business.

    This business serves both ordinary people who want to become an entrepreneur but don’t know which niche to chose and how to get started at all, and current business owners who want to expand their businesses and instead of starting another business from scratch prefer to be an existing one.

    Business Model

    ●     Online franchise archive website business;

    ●     Franchise training course;

    ●     Franchising business;

    ●     International franchise services;

    ●     Franchise consulting company.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start a franchise consulting company which would help other people and businesses choose the best business to invest in, you don’t need any tools or pieces of equipment except for an office with a computer, projector, stationery and office furniture.

    You will have to establish yourself as an intermediary, which means you and your employees should look neat and nice.


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