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  • Furniture Restoration Business

    Furniture restoration business refers to starting a company doing furniture restoration, furniture repair, furniture polishing and offering other similar services.

    This business serves customers who have old-looking furniture pieces and would like the make them look new.

    Business Model

    ●     Furniture restoration business;

    ●     Furniture repair business;

    ●     French polishing business;

    ●     Furniture repair, refinishing and restoration company;

    ●     Antique furniture restoration company business;

    ●     Wooden restoration tool repair store.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start your own wooden furniture reparation company, you will have to buy some restoration tools. In most cases, this refers to scrapers, hammers, measuring tools, bradawl, friction point callipers, drills, planes, screwdrivers, cabinet saw, paintbrushes, sanding tools, glue injector, Dowling jig, lint pickers, magnetic hammer, spiral ratchet screwdriver, and others.


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