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  • Greenhouse Business

    Greenhouse business is the process of running your own greenhouse and growing plants, flowers or other gardening items for a profit. This also refers to hothouses, shade houses, glasshouses and other types of structures designed for growing various plants.

    This business serves residential customers growing plants for their own needs and other businesses buying greenhouses, hothouses, shade houses, glasshouses and other equipment for commercial use.

    Business Model

    ●     Garden centre business;

    ●     Greenhouses and greenhouse kits business;

    ●     Hothouse business;

    ●     Shade house business;

    ●     Glasshouse business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Running your own greenhouse business requires time and equipment regardless of which type of plants you grow.

    Except for enthusiasm, you will need greenhouse heaters, fans, vents and ventilation systems, lighting kits, fixtures, irrigation system, carts and wagons, seed-starting supplies including pots and trays, covering, hydroponic system (optional), soil testing device, thermometers, flooring, climate control system, anchors, fasteners and others.


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