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  • Horse Business

    Horse business refers to providing horse sales, manufacturing and wholesaling horse riding accessories and clothing, running your own horse riding school and offering different courses such as livestock dealership, tours, safaris, etc.

    This business serves everyone who loves horses or needs them for a particular event such as a wedding, birthday or a corporate event.

    Business Model

    ●     Horse and carriage hire;

    ●     Horse racing courses;

    ●     Horse riding;

    ●     Riding schools and/or rails;

    ●     Horse riding accessories and clothing;

    ●     Riding accessories and clothing;

    ●     Horse sales;

    ●     Livestock dealers;

    ●     Horse trails;

    ●     Riding schools and/or rails;

    ●     Tours, safaris and/or operators.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start a horse riding school, you will need a piece of land, horses and different pieces of equipment. This refers to non-slick long pants, close-toed shoes with heels, riding pants, gloves, leather ankle boots, helmet, vest and other safety gear, customized saddle pad, a saddle with a gullet (adjustable), bridle and reins, bit, grooming tools and others.


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