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  • Inflatable's Business

    Inflatable's business refers to manufacturing and wholesaling of jumping castles, water slides, swimming aids and other supplies which that can be inflated with air or gas.

    In most cases, it serves the entertainment industry. In this way, it is based on a B2B model.

    Business Model

    ●     Inflatable's Manufacturing Business;

    ●     Inflatable Rental Business;

    ●     Jumping Castle Business;

    ●     Shooting Tunnel;

    ●     Water slide business;

    ●     Inflatable Balloon Business;

    ●     Advertising inflatables;

    ●     Swimming Aids.

    Tools & Equipment

    Running this business requires building a factory and establishing connections with rubber and polymer manufacturers. You will have to purchase rubber and plastic processing machinery, rubber extruder machines, rubber testing tools and others.

    If you decided to manufacture and sell shooting tunnels or other big-size products, you might also offer installation services.


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