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  • Insurance Business

    Insurance business refers to starting your own insurance company or working as an insurance agent and protecting your customers from financial loss when they face difficulties in different areas of life. This includes auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance, burial insurance and other types of insurance.

    This idea also refers to serving other businesses and offering auto insurance for businesses, commercial property insurance, terrorism insurance, crop insurance and other types.

    Business Model

    ●     Insurance company business;

    ●     Independent insurance agent business;

    ●     Crop insurance for South Africa’s farmers business;

    ●     Insurance broking business;

    ●     Engineering insurance;

    ●     Fire insurance.

    Tools & Equipment

    Running an insurance company doesn’t require hammers or screwdrivers, but it does require office space, computers, laptops, well-educated, well-qualified and well-dressed office agents. In South Africa, you will have to have at least R10 million to start a long-term insurance company and R5 million to become a short-term insurer.


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