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  • Jukebox Business

    Jukebox business is the process of manufacturing and selling or renting partially automated coin-operated devices that play music when someone puts a coin into a special slot.

    They have buttons designed to help a customer choose a specific record to play.

    This business serves other businesses - event organisers, pubs, restaurants, cafes.

    Business Model

    ●     Jukebox Manufacture;

    ●     Jukebox Import & Distribution;

    ●     Vynil Jukebox Manufacture & Wholesale Business;

    ●     Jukebox Installation Service;

    ●     Jukebox Maintenance & Repair Service;

    ●     Jukebox Rental (to pubs or events etc);

    ●     Touchscreen Smart Jukebox.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start your own jukebox rental business, you will have to build a fleet of jukeboxes. You can buy them directly from manufacturers or find on Gumtree.

    To run this business successfully, you’ll also have to hire a mechanic for maintaining and repairing. He will need wrenches, wrecking bars, impact sockets, hammers, etc.


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