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  • Laboratory Glassware Business

    Laboratory glassware business is the process of manufacturing and wholesaling beakers, volumetric flasks, test tubes, separatory funnels, volumetric pipettes, mortars and pestles, scoopula and other pieces of equipment made of glass and used in chemical or medical laboratories.

    This business serves other businesses (B2B) and other institutions including schools and universities (B2G).

    Business Model

    ●     Basic laboratory glassware and equipment business;

    ●     Used laboratory equipment business;

    ●     Discounted laboratory glassware, science beakers and flasks business;

    ●     Chemistry glassware and plasticware rental business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start this business, you will have to establish links with schools, universities, state and private organizations that are involved in scientific research.

    For manufacturing glassware and porcelainware, you will have to start a factory and buy some different pieces of glass processing equipment. This refers to machinery for cutting and breaking glass, solar module assembly, handling systems, laminating lines, glass washing machine, etc.


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