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  • Labour Broking Business

    Labour broking business is the process of contracting labour brokers and providing them with temporary casual labour.

    In fact, this refers to starting a recruitment agency and handling interviews, transportation services, recruitment, etc.

    This business is built on a B2M (business to masses) model, which means, it serves businesses looking for workers, and ordinary people looking for a temporary part-time job.

    Business Model

    ●     Temporary Employment (Industrial etc.);

    ●     Labour Contractors for Hire Business;

    ●     Personnel Consultants;

    ●     Labour Consultants &/or Services;

    ●     Migrant Labour Contractors;

    ●     Labour Contractors - Hire.

    Tools & Equipment

    Starting this business requires finding an office space, hiring HR-managers and purchasing computers, cellphones and office. Also, you will need some recruiting software, payroll service, employee engagement tools, etc.


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