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  • Life Preserver Business

    Life preserver business is the process of manufacturing and wholesaling life jackets, personal flotation devices and other items. This also refers to running a life-saving training.

    In some cases, this business serves other businesses such as sailing and yachting services. Also, ordinary people buy life jackets for secure travelling on a boat and other watercraft.

    Business Model

    ●     Life Jackets;

    ●     Personal Flotation Device;

    ●     Lifebuoy;

    ●     Hybrid Vests And Deck Suits.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start making and selling your own life jackets, you will have to establish connections with manufacturers of nylon, nylon webbing, foam, metal and plastic.

    The pieces of equipment needed are nylon making machines, Polyurethane foam machine, plastic extrusion tools and others.


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