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  • Magazine Business

    Magazine business refers to starting your own online or offline periodic publication which is published on a regular basis. Typically, a magazine contains some specific type of content such as car articles, tips for housewives, etc.

    In South Africa, there are around one hundred paper magazines on different niches starting from bicycling and ending with Cosmopolitan.

    Business Model

    ●     Magazine & Periodical Business;

    ●     Magazine Publishing Business;

    ●     Magazine Selling Business;

    ●     Magazine Distribution Business;

    ●     Magazine Design Business;

    ●     Magazine Printing Business;

    ●     Magazine Advertising Business;

    ●     Online Magazine Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    There are two ways to start this business. If you decide to go online, you will need to purchase a domain name, web hosting account, build pages in social media and post content regularly.

    Starting an offline magazine is much harder. You will have to hire web designers, web developers, journalists, copywriters, editors, photographers, establish connections with a printing plant.


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