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  • Marine Business

    Marine business refers to offering marine cleaning, marine insurance services, manufacturing and wholesaling marine navigation and electronic equipment (engines, gearboxes) as well as building your own marine salvage company.

    This business serves marine companies, ship manufacturers and other businesses.

    Since South Africa has a coastline of around three thousand kilometres, it can definitely be considered a marine country!

    Business Model

    ●     Marine Salvage Business;

    ●     Marine Services Business;

    ●     Marine Surveying Business;

    ●     Marine Cleaning Business;

    ●     Marine Engines & Equipment;

    ●     Marine Gearboxes;

    ●     Marine Insurance - Insurance Companies;

    ●     Marine Navigation & Electronic Equipment.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start a marine insurance business, you will need to get licensed, set up a company and hire employees or establish yourself as an independent insurance agent.

    Since this is a white-collar job, you don’t need any pieces of equipment. However, you might need some software and online tools. This refers to Oceanwide insurance software, Impact Insure, MariApps and others.


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