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  • Medical Equipment & Supplies Business

    Medical equipment and supplies business is the process of manufacturing and wholesaling medical equipment and supplies, disposable medical products, dental requisites as well as offering medical instruments and equipment repair services. This also refers to building computer software for the medical industry.

    This business serves other businesses (B2B model).

    Business Model

    ●     Medical Equipment & Supplies;

    ●     Incontinence Product Business

    ●     Disposable Nappies Business;

    ●     Medical Equipment - Hire;

    ●     Medical Equipment Supplies;

    ●     Dental Requisites &/or Repairs;

    ●     Medical Gases;

    ●     Gases - Industrial & Medical;

    ●     Medical Instruments &/or Equipment Repair & Manufacturing;

    ●     Medical &/or Healthcare Communications Software;

    ●     Computer Software &/or Software Solutions;

    ●     Medical &/or Remedial Equipment Supplies;

    ●     Disposable Medical Products;

    ●     Medical Educational / Teaching Aids.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start manufacturing medical and hospital equipment, you will need to build a factory with a chemical laboratory. This requires purchasing basic chemistry apparatus, transportation vehicles as well as hiring engineers, chemists, physicians and other specialists.


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