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  • Milling Business

    Milling business refers to manufacturing and wholesaling different millers as well as offering milling services.

    In most cases, this business serves farmers, food companies and other businesses (B2B model).

    In South Africa, small and medium-scale maize milling enterprises are an integral part of the milling industry.

    Business Model

    ●     Maize Milling / Maize Millers;

    ●     Flour Milling;

    ●     Contract Milling;

    ●     Grain Millers;

    ●     Milliners - Retail.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start your own maize milling company, you will have to obtain a license, set up a company, purchase a small scale maize milling machine and hire workers.

    Also, you might need roller mill, gristmill, machine for dry milling and fraction of grain.


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