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  • Pharmaceutical Business

    Pharmaceutical business is the process of discovering, developing, manufacturing and wholesaling pharmaceutical drugs that are capable of curing various diseases. Also, this refers to manufacturing vaccines that are designed to prevent diseases rather than treat them.

    This business can definitely be called a B2M business since it serves almost everyone starting with a newborn baby and ending with the President.

    South Africa’s pharmaceutical industry is estimated to be worth around R50 billion per year and is represented by big international corporations and local manufacturers.

    Business Model

    ●     Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Business;

    ●     Medicine Distributors;

    ●     Pharmaceutical Research Business;

    ●     Pharmaceuticals.

    Tools & Equipment

    Starting your own pharmaceutical business is quite a challenge. You will have to get multiple licenses, build a plant, hire scientists, chemists, physicians and other professionals.

    Also, this requires building a chemical lab, purchasing various pieces of chemical equipment as well as buying machines designed especially for pharmaceutical manufacturing. This includes biomolecular interaction analyser, cell counters, cell disruptors, chemical synthesizers, CO2 transmitter, blood chemistry analysers and many others.


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