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    Gumtree is an online free to use consumer-to-consumer horizontal (mixed category) classifieds portal also used by some businesses. It has both free and paid advert options. Gumtree is mainly monetised by text and display adverts. In South Africa Gumtree is the largest C2C (consumer-to-consumer) classifieds platform followed by OLX.
    Gumtree is a great place to advertise hyper-local (within your area) and local (within your peninsula or province), it is highly traffic and highly ranked in search engines and a basic advert is free. Gumtree does not do too well in national adverts (buyers from other provinces) as unlike bidorbuy it does not have a verified seller program or rating system and there has been reports of scammers using the site. Gumtree has in the last decade or so made certain statistics available such as age of account, whether poster has a verified Email and the amount of adverts the user has posted which helps establish trust. However there is no recourse if you are scammed.
    I have sold province to province on a few occasions. Twice I had offered buyers in other provinces that I would list the item on my bidorbuy verified account which is over a decade on and has 100% positive ratings, the last time I shipped to Durban after sending the buyer by bank details without using bidorbuy. So it can be used as a lead generation tool in that way or to refer people to your website if you have one.
    Gumtree is often referred to as a "community website" due to its roots, even though it was acquired by eBay in 2005. Gumtree started in London in 2000 as a way to connect people from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa moving to the UK find accommodation, employment and friends. This South African connection has made it the most popular online classifieds website in South Africa larger than even the Naspers backed and owned OLX.

    Gumtree South Africa has changed its focus away from the friends' aspect in the last decade; it used to have Craigslist style "personal" ads for romantic partners and but has recently focused on the three most popular commercial ads: property, automotive and jobs (which are also popular with vertical classifieds).

    However this roots is important to understand as Gumtree still has strict rules in place as to what is and what is not allowed on its website. Gumtree should thus be seen as a consumer-to-consumer portal also used by businesses. It has strict policies and a long list of what is not allowed:

    sb2sb.com Listings

    sb2sb.com Listings is a B2B (business-to-business) online classifieds platform. Our main target market is entrepreneurs selling to entrepreneurs. Our future plans is to turn our listings into a fully-fledged Ecommerce platform (sales channel) where sellers  sell their products and services and can receive payments directly. 


    Classifieds is a form of advertising found in newspapers, magazines (both print) and online (internet). Online classifieds has gotten popular in recent years as more and more people have accessed the internet. Online classifieds also has other advantages over print such as it has benefits such as longer adverts and ability to add images.
    Classifieds exist to connect buyer and seller, fundamentally they adopt two different business models and strategies: free vs. paid horizontal vs vertical.
    Free vs. Paid
    This determines whether or not you are charged to post an advert, Gumtree and OLX are example of free classified sites while Private Property and Cars.co.za are examples of paid classifieds. Free classified sites are often monetised by advertising (both text and display ads) and by selling "featured ads" adverts in more prominent positions. Paid classified sites on the other hand mostly charge per listing, as of writing Private Property has three listing options: R999, R1995 and R3495 whereas Cars.co.za has two options: R299 and R449.
    Horizontal vs. Vertical
    Horizontals (also known as general) classifieds are classified with numerous different categories whereas vertical (also known as niche) is usually a single industry or a very small group of related industries. Gumtree and OLX are examples of horizontal classifieds while Private Property (property) and Cars.co.za (vehicles) are examples of vertical classifieds.
  • Marketing, Advertising & Sales refer to the process of getting people interested in your products or services, making your products known to your target audience and all activities leading to the selling of products and services.

    Marketing includes, advertising but also the research to effectively take a product to market, including research. 

    Advertising is the process of a company getting its message in front of a target audience. 

    Sales / Selling
    Sales refers to all activities that lead to the selling of products and services

    Your Marketing, Advertising & Sales will be influenced by your Business Models and Sales Channels.

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