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  • Starting Your Business

    In this section we deal with all the aspects of starting a business.

    In this section
    Business Idea Generation
    Value Proposition

    Help with business idea
    Market need

    Business Idea Generation "The Idea"

    Use this if you don’t have a business idea yet and need help choosing the right business for you.
    Please follow the recommended question template.

    How this section fits into your business plan: 

    Value Proposition
    A one-sentence description about your business.
    Question to answer: What value will your business bring to your customers? What are you going to do?

    Help with Business Idea

    Use this if: You don’t have a business (yet). But have an idea and need help refining and executing idea. 
    Please follow the recommended question template.

    Refining The Idea

    How this section fits into your business plan:

    Market Need / Problem worth solving

    The “problem” your product is responding to by being in the market.

    Why do people need your product / service? Do they really?

    Market need and your solution (proceed to next section)

    What do you do

    What problem does your business solve for your customers? If you aren’t solving a problem for your customers, you are going to have a hard time building your business.

    Interdependence Tip 
    A summarised version of the above components can be used in the following way:

    On your business card
    On a brochure
    On your websites "About" page
    On your business profile

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