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    Starting a Business

    • Business idea generation
    • Help with business ideas
    • Business startup advice

    Running a Business

    • Business Plan
    • Business Models
    • Business Management

    Growing a Business

    • Sales Channels
    • Advertising & Marketing
    • Business Growth

    Funding a Business

    • Fundraising
    • Debt & Equity
    • Working Capital

    Buying & Selling a Business

    • Buying a Business
    • Selling a Business
    • Investing in a Business
  • Starting Your Business

    Types of Business

    There are three main types of businesses: manufacturing, retail and service.

    Manufacturing Business: You make something yourself and sell it to your customers.

    Retail Business: You buy goods from somewhere else and sell them to your customers.

    Service Business: You sell something that you know how to do.

    All three of these types can be narrow down to more specific types. Example a plant hire business is considered a service even though it supplies equipment.

    Business Models
    There are three main categories of business models: B2B, B2C and B2G.

    B2B (business-to-business): You supply other businesses with products and services.
    B2C (business-to-consumer): You sell directly to the consumer or end-user.
    B2M (business-to-many): You sell both to other businesses as well as to consumers
    B2G (business-to-government): Doing business with the government. As sb2sb.com is a non-racial,  and private forum of individuals we do not allow discussions that involve doing business with the South African government on our platform. Foreign government business is however allowed.

    These categories of business models can be further narrowed down based on the company's overall strategy.


    This section has the following categories:

    Business Idea Generation
    I don’t have a business. And don’t have an idea yet.  If you need advice choosing a business idea
    Please follow this template when asking questions:

    Help with business idea(s) 
    I don’t have a business (yet). But have an idea and need help executing idea. 
    Please follow this template when asking questions:

    Business Startup Advice
    If you already have a chosen business idea and need advice starting it, (executing), or have a business (registered or not) under a year old.
    Please follow this template when asking questions:

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