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  • Industry Listings

    Adventure / Extreme Sports: Abseiling

    Security: Access Control, Armed Response

    Accessibility: Accessibility

    Hospitality: Accommodation, Backpacking

    Finance: Accounting

    Adhesives: Adhesive

    Education: Adult Education, Agricultural Education

    Advertising: Advertising

    Telecommunications: Arial, Antenna

    Photography: Aerial Photography

    Surveying: Aerial Surveying

    Aerial work platform: Aerial work platform

    Child Care: After School, Babysitting

    Agriculture: Agricultural Education, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Machinery, Animal Feed, Animal Transportation

    Aviation: Air Charter, Aircraft

    Transportation: Air Charter, Airport Shuttle, Animal Transportation, Bakkie Hire

    HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning): Air Conditioning

    Automotive: Airbag Repair, Auto Electrical, Bakkie Accessory, Bakkie Lining, Ball Joint, Bearings

    Airbrush: Airbrush

    Aluminium: Aluminum Fabrication

    Fabrication: Aluminum Fabrication, Architectural Metalwork

    Furniture: Aluminum Furniture

    Amusement: Amusement Machine

    Animal Feed: Animal Feed

    Design: Animation

    Coatings: Anodising, Anti Slip

    Building: Air Conditioning, Anti Slip, Asbestos Removal

    Antique: Antiques,  Antique Restoration

    Pet: Aquarium

    Construction: Architectural Concrete, Architectural Metalwork, Awning, Balustrade

    Arms: Arms & Ammunition

    Art: Art, Art Gallery, Art Restoration, Art School, Art Supply 

    Flower: Artificial flower

    Building Materials: Artificial stone, Bamboo

    Arts & Crafts: Arts & Crafts, Arts and Crafts Tuition, Beads, Beadwork

    Human Resources: Attendance Management

    Auction: Auction

    Multimedia: Audiovisual, Audiovisual Production

    Electrical: Auto Electrical

    Automation: Automation


    Awards & Trophy: Award, Badge

    Baby: Baby Food, Baby Product, Babysitting, Babywear

    Food: Baby Food, Baking

    Clothing: Babywear

    Tourism: Backpacking

    Travel: Backpacking

    Packaging: Bag

    Baking: Bakery, Baking, Baking Supply

    Dance: Ballet, Ballet Supply

    Wine & Spirits: Bar

    Restaurant: Bar

    Retail: Barcode

    Packaging & Labeling: Barcode

    Containers: Basketware

    Bathroom: Bath, Bath Re-enameling, Bathroom, Bathroom Renovation, Bathroom Supply

    Battery: Battery

    Jewellery: Bead, Beadwork

    Mechanical: Bearings

    Engineering: Bearings


    Building: Air Conditioning, Aluminum Windows, Anti Slip, Awning, Architectural Metalwork, Balustrade

    Pet: Aquarium, Aviary, Animal Transportation, Boarding Kennel

    Security: Armed Response, Bodyguards, Burglar Proofing, Burglar Bars

    Art: Art Gallery, Art Restoration, Art School, Art Supply

    Arts & Crafts: Arts and Crafts Tuition, Bead Business

    Accommodation: Backpacking, Bed & Breakfast (B&B)

    Education: Adult Education Business, Agricultural Education

    Automotive: Airbag Repair, Auto Electrical, Bakkie Accessories, Bakkie Lining, Ball Joint, Bumpers, Bumper Repair

    Fabrication: Aluminium Fabrication

    Entertainment: Amusement Machines


    Construction: Architectural Concrete, Asbestos Removal, Bricks, Brickmaking

    Audiovisual: Audiovisual Production

    Trophy: Awards

    Baby: Baby Products, Baby Food, Babysitting, Babywear

    Baking: Bakery, Baking Supply

    Moving: Bakkie Hire 

    Dance: Ballet, Ballet Supply

    Bathroom: Bath, Bath Re-enameling, Bathroom Renovation, Bathroom Supply

    Jewellery: Bead Business

    Beauty: Beauty Salon

    Fashion: Belt

    Sleep: Bed Business

    Beverage: Beverage Manufacturing

    Cycling: Bicycles, Bicycle Repair,  Bicycle Hire

    Marine: Boats, Boat Cleaning, Boat Charter

    Food: Biscuit, Breakfast Food

    Cleaning: Bin Cleaning, Boat Cleaning

    Wedding: Bridal Wear

    Glass: Bulletproof Glass

    Printing: Business Card Printing

    Professional Services: Business Consulting, Business Services

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