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Market for buying and selling startup kits, startups, franchises and businesses.

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Market to buy and sell business equipment.

Offer Blickman Mini Brew MB1 Coffee Urn

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Junk Shop

Market to offer and obtain junk collection services, buy and sell cheap secondhand goods and buy & sell goods to be resold at a flea market.

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Market to source or offer manufacturing.

Offer Handmade Pot Plants & Concrete Planters

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R10 Store

Wholesale market where products are to be sold at a pricepoint of R10. MUST cost between R2.50 and R7.50 (incl. VAT) wholesale and be good…

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Raw Materials

Buying & selling of raw materials.

Offer Leather offcuts R50 for 2kg

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Repurpose & Recycle

Market for dealing in repurposing and recycling of products.

Offer Dead Laptop Batteries

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Secondhand & Refurbish

Market to buy, sell products and offer services related to secondhand and refurbishing.

Wanted Secondhand Clothing

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A market for people wanting to offer or obtain services.

Offer Pizza oven installation

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Market to offer or obtain more informal commercial premises. Shared workspaces, studios, co-working, hot desks, container shops, spaces etc.

Wanted Small plot (vacant land)

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Surplus & Salvage

Buy & sell surplus, salvage and distressed goods.

Offer Silly Goose Coffee Pods

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Market to offer or obtain training.

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Market to buy and sell wholesale goods.

Wanted 25mm DIY Doming Stickers