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  1. Very interesting that they are resorting to this kind of unscrupulous tactics, it is certainly possible that eBay is feeding their classifieds business hormones to fatten them up before a sale. Naspers/Prosus is moving so fast that they are slipping up, look at how easily the Nigerians ripped them off with Konga.com .
  2. Hello All I've been twiddling my thumbs a lot lately and have turned to reading to pass the time waiting for things to improve. I recently finished The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell and The Long Tail by Chris Anderson and have been absorbing the underlying principles of the books. At lot of the concepts are not new (even when it was published in 2000 and 2006) but is interesting as it provides examples reaching critical mass in The Tipping Point while The Long Tail provides an some perspective with regards to broad product mix in the E-commerce age. What interesting business books have you read and what have you learnt from it?
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