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  • V2 "Boomslang"


    Boomslang is the code name of the second version of our platform. It will be custom built, from the group up, data driven and have various features beneficial to our members.



    Our current version code name "Adder" is our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to get our vision of building a emerging market B2B portal onto paper or rather onto digital.

    If you look at our current platform it is made up of the following components:
    Information on business, industries and countries
    Community to post business leads, discussions, network, get news and analysis.
    Listings a classified service to advertise your company, its products and services

    Together these facilitate trade both within South Africa and with the rest of the world. In future we would like to build a more integrated platform.

    Boomslang will have changes in virtually every part of our platform.
    Listings will be upgraded to a multi-vendor marketplace.
    International Trade

    Feedback can be given in the feedback thread.

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